Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Airtel one of the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria has come up with an unlimited data plans and you can now download and surf seamlessly using your airtel SIM on your phones, laptops and still share with family and friends without popping fear that your data would soon finished.

                                THE LIST OF AVAILABLE UNLIMITED PLANS

  10,000 Naira will give you 100 Gig worth of data and it is valid for 30 days, 15,000 Naira will give you 125 Gig worth of data and it is valid for 30 days and 20,000 Naira will give you 160 Gig worth of data which is valid for 30 days as well

                                    HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO THESE DATA PLANS

For 10,000 Naira data dial *471#, for 15,000 Naira data dial *463# and for 20,000 data plan dial *351#
Initially we were told the plans were unlimited but many a customer who purchased the bundle plans came back complaining of throttling the data it was then Airtel came up with the actual fact that the bundle plans are capped with huge amount of data allocated to each plans. Looking at these plan we still call it affordable provided the data are removed fairly without the data disappearing unjustly at geometric rate. I advice MTN and Glo and other internet providers in Nigeria who are yet to do something of this kind to follow suit.


MTN has done it again the price of 24/7 solar powered electricity has been slashed to 19,000 naira only from 26,000 naira.
Mobile Electricity Service can light up your room, charge your cellphones and power appliances like Fans, Televisions, and computers all day every day.
With the Mobile Electricity Service you can:
Enjoy Appliances You Already Have
With the new DC to AC converter, you can power AC appliances (up to 60W) you already have such as TVs, fans and laptops
Lumos Mobile electricity saves you lots of Naira on your monthly electricity bills! Choose a suitable plan from the plan options and make small convenient payments from your MTN mobile phone.
Set-Up fee is now 19,000 naira go get yours now while the offer is still available

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